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Here is what people have to say
about the TheRunningLog:

Your website is fantastic!
Many thanks,
Annapolis, Maryland

Thanks for this great site!
It's very motivational.
British Columbia, Canada

Great website!
I have commited to running
the marathon, so it'll be a
good way to stay focused.
New York

I love the new site-
its awesome!!

Your site is great!
Thank you so much for putting
it out there for all of us runners!
RunBook.Net 2002 - 2010
Version 1.5
In the next 30 days or so, we will be making some exciting changes to The Running Log! Our goal is to improve the site on many fronts, especially in the realm of allowing our loyal followers to connect with one another.

These changes will be rolled into a brand new site called RunBook and can be found at www.RunBook.net. We encourage you to check it out!

  • Get healthy by working out !!
  • Get motivated by logging your workouts!!
  • There are currently 10421 runners registered!
  • There have been 447967 workouts logged!
  • 50 US states are represented !!
  • 36 countries are represented !!

    Highlights of system include:
  • Track shoe mileages to minimize injuries.
  • Can view shoes used by all runners.
  • Weekly mileage totals.
  • Can view mileage counts of all runners.
  • Can view average run for all runners.
  • Message board to post comments/questions.
  • Can be used by runners, bikers and swimmers.
  • Can purchase many running products.
  • LOGIN !!!!.
  • Running Log Information:

    Thanks for using the running log. I hope you find it helpful and useful. After you login, there are many useful tools that can be used to analyze your workouts including daily views, weekly subtotals, and computed averages. Shoe mileages can also be recorded to track useage, thereby minimizing injuries. There is a Runners Message board where users can share information. One of the main objectives of this site is to share information with other runners/athletes. Enjoy your runs and remember: Keep on running and keep on logging!